Who doesn’t love pizza?

Pizza, one of the dishes that make us famous worldwide. On the other hand, who doesn’t love pizza? Often, while strolling through the streets of the city center, we feel the desire for a snack, and there it appears in our minds. Other times, we think about a quick lunch or dinner, and it’s still there, always in our thoughts. How many times, while organizing an evening with friends, do we say, ‘We could go eat pizza!’ or ‘Stop for dinner, let’s order some pizzas!’ Lunches, dinners, snacks, and for some, breakfasts… pizza, we can say, is one of the most loved dishes.

The history of pizza and its origins is complex and not without debate. Neapolitan tradition traces it back to the 18th century as an evolution of focaccia. The name ‘Pizza Margherita’ is mentioned only a century later when Umberto I and his wife, Margherita, visited Naples and summoned the most renowned pizzaiolo to prepare it. This pizzaiolo added to the traditional pizza Marinara with mozzarella, tomato, oregano, and basil, and soon, it was named Pizza Margherita.

Today, there are many pizza variations. At Panificio Melli, you can always find pizza al taglio, typical of bakeries, and loved by their customers. Margherita, with anchovies, and with mushrooms – in our bakery, you can find the taste most appreciated by your palate!

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