The third anniversary at Da Gentilia.

A fabulous birthday was celebrated at Da Gentilia on May 18th.
A delicate menu with surprising combinations:
The Crispy Egg and ‘agretti’ with Black Truffle Cheese Fondue was a true explosion enclosed in a bite.
The Homemade Pasta Pouches filled with Leeks, Potatoes, Black Truffle in Butter were a blend of innovation alongside the traditional Vialone Nano Risotto with Marola Cheese, Parmesan Waffle, and Black Truffle; old and new merged in two distinct and recognizable first courses.
The second course was a Velvety Beef Fillet with Black Truffle accompanied by Nutmeg Potato Gateau.
The Gateau was so flavorful that it seemed to be the star of the dish, yet so humble that it didn’t overshadow the Fillet, which literally melted in the mouth.
Thank you, as always, for being there.
We look forward to seeing you at the next event.
Your staff Da Gentilia.

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