The breadstick: a story of goodness and legend.

Breadstick are among the most famous and widespread food products both in Italy and abroad. Who among us has never tasted them? They’re probably found in many pantries for any eventuality.

Their probable origins date back to the seventeenth century in Turin. Legend has it that during this period, the court baker of the House of Savoy, following the advice of the court’s doctor, invented them to feed the future King Vittorio Amedeo II, who had delicate health and couldn’t digest the bread crumbs. Prepared with the same ingredients as bread, but in a narrow and long shape. This characteristic makes them crispy, almost like having only the crust, with no crumb. Being baked until very dry, breadstick can be preserved for a long time without becoming moldy. Many historians identify them, during this historical period, as an effective solution to the widespread food-related problems associated with the healthiness of bread that afflicted the population. In any case, grissini are a fragile, thin, and delicious food, so much so that they saw rapid diffusion and success.

Still today, they’re fragrant and have a unique taste, and can be served as an appetizer, perhaps accompanied by cold cuts, for lunches and dinners, or make for an excellent snack to munch on during a midday break.

At Panificio Melli, you can find both plain, natural grissini and the delicious and elegant braided grissini variant, perfect for decorating your table.

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