Summer Flavors

“Gnocco al Forno,” typical of the Po Valley tradition, is loved by everyone and perfect for your summer picnics.
An excursion into the countryside, mountains, the seaside, or the pool – every opportunity is perfect for a quick lunch based on stuffed gnocco. Characterized by a substantial thickness internally with soft dough and coated with a crunchier crust, it was originally a characteristic dish of the farming families in the Po Valley. In the past, when homemade bread was prepared once a week, some was set aside to make gnocco. This resulted in a tasty gnocco that was then stored in a breadbox for the whole week.
At Panificio Melli, you can find the classic baked gnocco, the variety enriched with the sweet taste of onions, or the savory gnocco enriched with bacon.

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