Seafood Tapas Evening at Gentilia

Seafood Tapas Evening
Saturday, September 19th
At the Melli da Gentilia venue on 21 Via Papa Giovanni XXIII.

“7 courses of fish:”

  • Red Tuna Carpaccio with a brown sauce and crushed flat peaches.
  • Swordfish Ceviche with passion fruit and fennel with Pink Pepper.
  • Cantabrian Sea Anchovies with Buffalo Stracciatella on golden oven-baked brioche.
  • Marinated and ‘Kentucky Bird’ tobacco-smoked salmon with guacamole and crispy dumpling.
  • Prawns with butter, garlic, and lemon, served with Catalan-style vegetables.
  • Octopus kebab with sweet bread, Caesar sauce, and grilled vegetables.
  • Shrimp in Kataifi pastry with Bisque foam and mini cones.

Also, for you…

Tasting of the French winery ‘Simonnet-Febvre’ located in the municipality of Chablis, France.

The price is 50€ per person, inclusive of:
Menu, Cover charge, Water, Three Glasses of Wine, and Dessert.


*Some dishes or ingredients may vary during service due to unavailability.

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