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Tagliatelle from Panificio Melli, with their golden yellow color, are prominent on the tables of Emilia. They owe their name to the “cut” made on the previously rolled and swirled dough. It’s a typical Emilian pasta widespread throughout Italy, with numerous varieties in size and condiments.

The origin of tagliatelle is uncertain, but according to a Bolognese legend, they were invented in 1487 by Maestro Zafirano, a cook from the town of Bentivoglio, for the wedding of Lucrezia Borgia with the Duke of Ferrara.

In Emilian cuisine, this pasta is so important that it has given rise to a dedicated professional figure: the “sfoglina”. This person is exclusively dedicated to preparing the dough or sheets (tagliatelle, fettuccine, lasagne, tortellini, and other types of fresh homemade pasta). In inns, the sfogline worked near the windows, making these taverns and trattorias suggestive and unique.


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