Picnic di Spring

The beautiful days have finally arrived, those that make long walks or bike rides a pleasure while admiring the landscapes of Reggio Emilia between the countryside and the hills. Spending time outdoors, in contact with nature, and organizing bucolic picnics has been a growing trend. But how do you organize a successful picnic? Once you’ve chosen the location for the picnic, get a traditional red and white checkered tableclothand a wicker basket as a food carrier. These two elements characterize the classic picnic and always create a pleasant atmosphere. At this point, all that’s missing is the food, and the ideas are endless. Some choose traditional dishes creating a rich buffet, some opt for stuffed sandwiches or paninis. You can choose savory cakes, grilled vegetables, cold pasta, or snacks like pizza, erbazzone, or focaccia. The choice is yours! At Panificio Melli, you can find excellent baked goods to prepare your delicious picnic, and maybe an exquisite cake to finish your lunch sweetly.
Have a great time, everyone!

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