Passatelli: from peasant cuisine to our tables.

Now, well into November, ready to face the cold late autumn days and waiting for the first snowfall, what could be better than a warm soup waiting for us at home at the end of the day? Among the various soups of Italian tradition, it’s worth mentioning passatelli, a fresh pasta with ancient origins, linked to the peasant tradition. In the past, in the context of rural poverty when many of the goods commonly used today were lacking, housewives had to provide for the family with what little they had, even using leftovers. It was from the combination of stale bread, a few eggs, and hardened cheese that passatelli originated. Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, both now and then, they manage to offer us all the strength of the flavor of Parmesan cheese and all the warmth and affection of a hot soup. Tradition dictates serving passatelli in a steaming broth, although today, the old recipe has been revisited by cooks and chefs, turning it into a dry pasta that can be paired with different sauces, from meat ragu, tomatoes, and speck, to seafood variations with clams and shrimp. At Panificio Melli, you can find excellent passatelli prepared in accordance with tradition that you can prepare to suit your taste… give them a try!

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