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Panificio Melli

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since 1968

family history

Our story begins like this

In 1968, many had to change their lives due to the economic crisis at that time. Tra questi, vi erano Gisberto Melli e la moglie Gentilia Incerti. The couple decided to take over the Montanari bakery in Piazza S. Prospero in Reggio Emilia. It was risky, but on the other hand, it was also a winning choice. In a short time, their love for their products, rooted in a farmer’s affection, became their strength, propelling Panificio Melli into a period of growth in the heart of the city. The growth has accompanied the bakery’s story up to today.

History is also about change.

The genuineness of the products and the care put into the entire production has made Panificio Melli one of the strongholds of Reggio Emilia. To this day, the business is run by the Melli family, through the work of the siblings Angelo, Giuliano, Remo, and Teresa. Compared to the 1968 workshop, many things have changed. Several technological innovations in the establishment have allowed continuous growth in both efficiency and in the relationship with customers. Consider, for example, the introduction in 1983 of payments through magnetic cards, the first in Reggio Emilia. To the shop in Piazza S.Prospero, the resale in Via Umberto I was added first in 1989. Later, another venue was opened on Via Farini, named “Lo Spuntino.” Significant changes were made to the production premises; in fact, in 1996, the workshops were moved to Via Monti Urali. In the workshops, both bread and various pastries, savory pies, and local baked goods are produced daily. Even today, the bread and pasta are the result of a process that appears to be industrial only at first glance because both the quality and taste are always that of a handmade creation. It reflects the business philosophy of working primarily with healthy products.

"Da Gentilia," the restaurant of the Melli family

In recent years, our family has embarked on a new project: the restaurant “Da Gentilia” located on Via Papa Giovanni XXIII. The venue caters to you throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch break, ending with aperitifs and excellent dinners.

The restaurant, dedicated to their mother Gentilia, aims to highlight the flavors of our land through sustainable production in our region.

The ancient art of craftsmanship in a modern bakery


Our workshops are not just a place where things are produced … they are a forge of ideas, recipes, scents, and flavors that the Reggio Emilia tradition has taught us, and every morning, bright and early, we endeavor to recreate for our customers.

It is here that the oldest flavors meet modern trends to offer you a wide selection of bread, savory and sweet pastries, cakes, and fresh pasta, even filled, handcrafted piece by piece, with care and attention to detail, as it was done and as it should be done, every day.

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DOP cold cuts, DOC wines, fresh or aged cheeses, high-quality products, and much more to immerse oneself in the Reggio Emilia region, rich in surprises and goodness.

Last but certainly not least, the Bar Service, which from morning until evening, allows you to spend time enjoying a pleasant breakfast or perhaps savoring a cocktail during the aperitif hour.

Years pass, furnishings have been renewed, so has the staff, mentalities evolve, but the taste and wisdom of “eating well” remains the same since 1968. Because Panificio Melli is not just a “bakery.”

It’s a tradition that remains unchanged over time, with the same ingredients and recipes from the past.

It’s an awareness of a craft that is much more than just a “job”: it’s a passion.

Panificio Melli is in Reggio Emilia.


Piazza San Prospero 5/H
42121 Reggio Emilia


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