Our traditions on your table.

On Tuesday, July 26th, our traditions were on your tables.
Thanks to Rai1 and the voice of Monica Caradonna, we had the opportunity to narrate the most historic and profound recipes of our region on Camper Rai 1!
The process of making ‘Erbazzone’ was the first to be shown, followed by ‘Zuppa Inglese,’ a dessert whose origin, despite being attributed to various Italian places over the years, is a DOC product from Reggio Emilia.
Rice Cake, Madeleines, Green Tortelli, Cappelletti, Fried Dumplings, Tigelle, etc., etc…
One thing is certain: how good is our cuisine?! Come and try it for yourself!
You can rewatch the episode on Camper Rai 1 – Rai Play.

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