It’s almost Christmas!

A week away from Christmas, we are “almost” ready for the grand celebration, and the beauty lies in the word “almost.” Surely we’ve “almost” bought all the gifts; only a few are left, the more challenging ones, those gift ideas that resemble a puzzle, but we solve them every year perfectly to make everyone happy. Among a thousand things to do, we find time for ourselves, to relax and prepare, maybe with a new hairstyle… and the hairdresser is booked, or why not? With that sparkling outfit seen in the shop window a few days ago, and it’s “almost” ours… but don’t worry, every year, on Christmas Day, we find something wonderful in our closet, bought, almost incredibly, among the tasks that pile up in our minds! And… for those preparing the feast? It will certainly be “almost” ready! The menu is set, we’ve ordered the cappelletti, tortelli, fish, dessert, the pandoro to fill, and prepared a splendid centerpiece. The preparations are indeed many, and as every year, we hope we’ve had “almost” no forgetfulness! Deep down, we already know, at the last moment, a few minor changes will come to mind, we might have to make a last-minute run, but in the end, everything will be perfect! T he beauty of Christmas is precisely in the word “almost,” igniting the enthusiasm of the celebration and leaving us in an intoxicating anticipation.
At Panificio Melli, you can find consistently fresh products for a special table from appetizers to desserts. Cappelletti made traditionally where the rough pasta merges with exquisite filling to give a unique flavor, tortelli, tagliatelle to pair with your seafood sauce, sweet and savory panettoni, soft rolls, and much more. Speaking of sweets, we can’t overlook those small sweets that should never be missing in the Reggio Emilia tradition: the Turtlein d’Nadel al foren o frett. Moreover, to conclude the meal, you can choose the perfect cake for your menu, and perhaps we can help you with some gift ideas!
In this festive atmosphere, all that’s left is to extend our best wishes!

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