How to serve bread.

Bread is an indispensable food on our tables every day. Think about a family lunch, a romantic dinner, a formal dinner with colleagues, or a barbecue with friends… If you delve into your memories, I bet for each of these occasions, you’ll remember bread on the table.
But how should bread be served? The eye wants its part, and we propose some interesting alternatives.
In the most classic form, perhaps we all imagine it in a basket lined with a cloth napkin, maybe in harmony with the tablecloth. Traditional woven baskets can be used, and for more elegant tables, one can opt for metal, ceramic, or glass baskets. For informal occasions, decorative and colorful baskets can be used. In any case, this solution can also be useful to create a beautiful centerpiece.
For more formal occasions, etiquette suggests serving it in the center of a small plate, placed at the top left in relation to each guest.
More original ways might include serving bread wrapped in linen or cotton napkins or in a brown paper bag for a rustic version. You could also present it on a wooden cutting board or even colorful plastic to add cheer to the table.
Remember, especially with more guests for dinner, regardless of how bread is presented on the table, it’s always advisable to use small loaves or pre-sliced bread for the convenience of our guests!
If you have other ideas for presenting bread while decorating the table, we’re happy to hear them!

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