“Gnòc Frètt… a Reggio Emilia passion.

Speaking of the gastronomic culture of Reggio Emilia, how can we not recall the timeless gnocco fritto? Those delightful golden-colored pieces of fried dough, strictly hollow inside, releasing a unique and full flavor to the palate. The gnocco fritto is etched in the memory of every Reggiano, precisely “the” gnocco fritto, so deeply ingrained in our culture that, despite the grammatical error, now famous and well-known to all, the people of Reggio Emilia continue to support it as an essential part of the denomination. It’s a peculiarity that characterizes it and warms our hearts… the same feelings it evokes when we savor it!
The dish, with some variations, can be found in many Emilian provinces. Here, it’s called Gnoc’ frètt and is considered the quintessential fast food of Reggio Emilia, perhaps accompanied by a good platter of cold cuts and a glass of Lambrusco wine.
Its history is ancient, dating back to the Lombard descent, who, after the fall of the Roman Empire, conquered these lands. Among the Lombard people, the culinary use of lard was widespread, which is still an essential ingredient in making true gnocco fritto. The gnocco fritto seems to have remained a part of everyday cooking in Reggio Emilia for a long time. At least until the 1960s, it characterized the meals of the rural population, used from breakfast to the meals taken to the fields as a heartier alternative to bread.
At Panificio Melli, you’ll find authentic Reggio Emilia gnocco fritto in the typical and smaller formats (gnocchetto fritto)… we await you!”

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