Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017.

Now, on the verge of Christmas, we start thinking about the right gift for friends and family. The indispensable tradition of gift-giving is indeed an integral part of Christmas celebrations. The joy of receiving gifts, the pleasure of giving the perfect gift, seeing the excitement in the eyes of the recipient fills our hearts with joy and makes the Christmas atmosphere harmonious.
Panificio Melli offers its Christmas hampers for cooking enthusiasts, tradition lovers, and those who appreciate good things. In our hampers, you can find top-quality products that will make your loved ones’ eyes shine and tantalize their taste buds.
The tradition of Christmas hampers has been around for a long time. It dates back to the post-war period when the abundance and variety of food were scarce, and it was an opportunity to bring delicacies to the table that couldn’t be purchased during the year. Today, the tradition remains, albeit with a different meaning. Giving a hamper means rediscovering traditional flavors made of simple and genuine foods and the production of DOC (Protected Designation of Origin) products in complete harmony with the territory. In our enogastronomic Christmas hampers, we showcase the best of traditional Italian products: cured meats, cheeses, original and special sauces and preserves, balsamic condiments, wine, prosecco, and much more. Special treats for a gift rooted in tradition but never predictable, and undoubtedly won’t gather dust in the attic!

In this festive atmosphere, all that remains is to wish you harmonious and joyful preparations for an unforgettable Christmas!

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