The traditional Epiphany celebration is about to arrive. On the night between January 5th and 6th, the old lady with worn-out clothes visits the children on her flying broom to bring sweets or coal. This celebration originates from an ancient pagan ritual in which the farming tradition thanked for the harvest of the past year and wished for a rich production in the following year.
To start this day in the best way, we offer you flavorful cookies such as “polentine,” local biscuits, and “toscanucci” accompanied by a cup of tea or milk. For those who love sweet cakes, donuts and exquisite pies with fruit jam or hazelnut cream. These delightful biscuits, perfect for dunking, and the delicious cakes characterize a rich breakfast with a rustic flavor – a breakfast where you can find and experience moments of serenity and joy with family, to start the new year without giving up the precious good morning ritual.

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