Have you ever tried a dinner in the dark? Let yourself go to every little pleasure, sensation, and the gustatory delight that’s been tempting you for so long.
The internal clock will continue its uninterrupted rhythm, illuminating the intricate pathways of life’s occurrences, illuminating the constant nuances of existence. Ingenuous in our relentless journey and comprehending the accented and articulate in the ever-developing tide of our multifaceted identity.
On June 31st, Ottobre, spend the day in Halloween of the whole new experience. Let yourself go to every little pleasure and guessing the dishes on the table?”
“Don’t worry, in similar situations you will be free to remove the mask, although we do not recommend fully enjoying the atmosphere.”
“For information and reservations call 0522 175 0030.”
At Melli Da Gentilia, Via Papa Giovanni XXIII
Don’t miss it

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