Chestnut Cake, mirror of an ancient tradition.

Autumn, a season traditionally marked by spectacular landscapes, falling leaves, and harvests. It’s the time of year when many chestnuts emerge from their shells and fall from the trees. In the history of our territory, particularly in our hills, during the harvest, the whole family, aided by neighbors, would go to the chestnut grove to gather large sacks full of chestnuts and burrs. At sunset, they often gathered around the fireplace to chat and tell stories while waiting to taste this precious fruit, beloved by young and old alike.

In remembrance of these times characterized by family unity and mutual support among families, we offer you the chestnut cake, also known as “pattona,” as a traditional autumnal dessert. Prepared with chestnut flour, it is soft and delicious. Perfect for an evening spent with friends or for a Sunday lunch that brings the whole family together!

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